Sunday, December 27, 2009


I unzipped my skin
Let it fall and
Crumple at my feet
Like dirty coveralls
My soul bare
I stand before you
Your eyes avert
Your head turns
Before you walk away

I shiver alone
Cold shadows of dusk
Hide my nakedness
From all but me
And I know now
They were right
There's nothing here
To love
Nothing here at all…

1 comment:

Raymond Neely said...


You have hit the mark with the opening image. It is a pretty fine start to the poem, then again, it is right on the mark on throughout the rest of the poem. The topic of lost love is covered in every way imaginable by millions of people all throughout history. There is so much poetry and song which already exists about the theme that it is difficult to find a new approach and anything new to say about it. Your poems are original, though, and they communicate as well as most. Anyway, you are in the good company of authors such as Chaucer and Shakespeare in communicating the intricacies of lost love and the meloncholy of it. And these poems do stand up to the modern day way of crtique. You do a fine job on these poems, though I do prefer the second.

Raymond Neely