Sunday, October 25, 2009

Appalachian Apparitions...

I stumbled across this today and it sure takes me back. I've been thinking a lot about my mountains lately. It seems that when the fall of the year rolls around and the woods are on fire, I get a yearning to go home.

These is where I come from, this is my heritage, these are my people. I didn't know this old feller, but I know thousands just like him.

A friend directed me to this photographer; Shelby Lee Adams, who has dedicated a good deal of his life capturing the true essence of mountain culture. Memories run over me like rushing water when I look at his work. My mind flashes pictures from the past in front of me of faces I knew long since gone but still alive in his subjects. I think you'll them, too.

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Kentucky Dreamer said...

I really enjoyed this and the link, too. I haven't been where you been, never professed to live that life but even so, this took me back to someplace I once enjoyed quite a bit.