Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dusk on the Pond

Sun slides below distant hills
Casting long shadows that birth
Silhouettes of living things
Captured silent memories
Of grays and blacks

Two white rings
Circle long, dark necks
Proclaiming matrimony to outsiders
And ten small feet
Paddling between them

Feathered breasts slice
Inverted images
Like a craftsman’s tool
Shattered shards of looking-glass
Ripple to the shore

Darkness prevails
As Mother flips the switch
Moonbeams and fireflies
Light sheet music
As frogs blare a tattoo

Copyright © 2009 Mike Lawson. All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

Kentucky Dreamer said...

You have some wonderful lines in here. Like "Shattered shards of looking-glass" & "Proclaiming matrimony to outsiders." My favorite part though is "As Mother flips the switch." That line stands out beautifully and is full of imagery.
Very nice, Mike. :+)