Monday, September 15, 2008

Target Practice

My brother, in case I never mentioned it, is one of best shots in the land. No brag,just fact. He is. If you ever have doubt, we'll be glad to steal errr take your money against the bet.

Our first cousin thought to take the challenge. He was reared back about this .22 rifle he had. It was this that and the other, he said. They put a patch, (1" x 1" cloth patch from a black powder rifle) on a fence post about 30 feet away. Don shot first. He cut the patch in three corners. Pretty good.

Don reared back and gave the rifle to my brother. "Beat that," he said. Dick took aim and fired off three quick shots; the first hitting dead center of the patch.

"That don't mean nothin', you just held off for those other two shots!"

"Ed, take your knife and go out there and see."

Ed walked out already knowing the answer. One...two...three bullets behind the center of the patch. No arguments here, the proof was out. It wasn't the rifle, it was the marksman.

It's a big let down to be beat with your own gun and even worse to be beat in front of people that will tell about it. But Don did and we were those people, so their you have it

And now you know rest of story about "Scatter Gun Don"

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Kentucky Dreamer said...

You ought to tell more stories more often, I love your stories.