Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Single Leaf Speaks

The maple tree branches float on gentle breezes
as a single leaf flaps so anxious, it speaks
"See how big I've grown? and so green?"
starting as a whisper it creates something bigger,
Stronger, maybe something mighty
in the rustle of leaves
in the hum of the breeze
Something poetic stirs and spreads

DANCE little Maple Leaf, dance
"Come see, come see" says the leaf crying, trying
to catch a tear drop on the tip of it's tongue
as sunny skies rain mysterious
Happy Tears glisten lovely, so brazen
Oh, to be a leaf
on the maple tree that grows
in the front yard of a poet


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The Tile Lady said...

Lovely poem! I can see the teardrop on the tip of the leaf's "tongue." Nice imagery.

Fabian G. Franklin said...

Fabulous imagery, love the tear drop line. what a lovely leaf.