Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tradition through Music

Pretty Little Gal
A Folk Song by Fabian G. Franklin

I married me a pretty little gal
She came from O-hi-o
And when we took our wedding vows
She swore she'd never go

Swore she'd never go
Swore she'd never go
Oh I loved that little gal so
She swore she'd never go

Times were hard and we were scared
The money was so tight
Until at last my greatest fears
All came true one night

For I'd took to drinking gin
And leaving her alone
Then one night when I came in
I found that she was gone

Swore she'd never go
Swore she'd never go
I truly loved that pretty little gal
Who swore she'd never go

And now I'm sleeping all alone
So many nights I've cried
I want her back and she is gone
But I still have my pride

But if you have a pretty little gal
And one that you love true
Don't put your faith in wedding vows
Or you may lose her too

Don't be drinking, running round
And staying out all night
Remember in your wedding vow
You swore to treat her right

Swore to treat her right
Swore to treat her right
Oh, if you love your pretty little gal
Be sure to treat her right


Emily B said...

Funny thing, this sounds a lot like the minstrel music of the 19th century. I can hear the boys playing it now: the fiddle, the guitar, the bones, the tambourine, Rick singing bass, Romeo singing tenor. Music brings the best parts of tradition. . .

Kentucky Dreamer said...

A good poem for all, really. The tougher times make it hard for all, I know.

Fabian G. Franklin said...

Thank you guys so much for your comments. I wrote music for this and I play finger style bluegrass guitar as well as mandolin. I am so glad yall liked it!

Mike said...

Good little ditty here beau. Maybe I'll get the chance to hear you sing it some day.

Chloe said...

Still love the song..


Deb Starr said...

Love this...great song, very traditional...I can here the thump of the doghouse bass.

Fabian G. Franklin said...

Hope I don't get in trouble for this but if anyone would like to hear me play this song, it is on my new podcast at http://fabian.podbean.com
I am just getting started so the quality is not so great yet, give me awhile with the software. lol