Monday, September 3, 2007

Morning Ritual

Moments of quiet reflection
holding on to the last sweet dream
inevitably it evaporates
like the steam from the cup

I stir the little cauldron clockwise
tap the rim lightly with a silver spoon
banishing the nights cobwebs
conjuring images of the day

I breathe the steam
enjoying the warmth
on my face and in my hands

First timid sip, rolling across my tongue
the first swallow
a hot, sweet liquid hug

Copyright © 2007, Deb Starr


Mike said...

I know I look for my coffee first thing and drink it all day too. lol I'm not fit to be around if I don't get my coffee. :| (Of course, some think that even with my coffee. rofl)

Fabian G. Franklin said...

Yes, the Java, gotta have mine too. This was a warm morning experience. Thanks for the sip of Joe. A newspaper and my boots on and I'll be ready to go.

Kentucky Dreamer said...

Yes, and sometimes it's so good, that I have another cup in the afternoon, too. This is nice, thanks for posting and it's nice to meet you, Deb.