Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Quilt

On cold nights
I seamed
pieces of fabric
left over
from dresses
and girls frocks
and shirts I made you.
Until the fabric squares
covered our bed.
After the stitches
are all complete,
the coverlet
that I pieced
from our lives
will bring comfort
to your soul
and warmth
on long, cold nights.
When I can't
wrap my arms
around you,
You'll still have
my heart
to keep you warm.


Mike said...

Very nice, heartfelt piece here Emily. I can still remember our home being full of old hand-stitched quilts made my the women of my family. I remember sleeping in the old bed 'up-home' with so many quilts over the top of me it was a chore to breath and just forget about moving 'til morning. But I never got cold at night. Even on those morning you could see your breath in the room when you got up, that old bed was good and toasty.

Byron Chesney said...

My wife's grandmother spent her entire life making quilts, in which she handed down to her family. We now have 12 of these beautiful old hand stitched treasures. She created many different patterns; Dutch girl, double wedding ring, Texas star, Flower basket, etc... We always say, "we may not have anything else of value, but we've always got granny's old quilts."