Friday, July 30, 2010

Overnight Guest

The Devil came at dusk again
And spent another night
I smile and nod his way
Silently sitting, always grinning
Across the quiet room
In the big stuffed chair

Sleepless night awaits us both
A good host, I offer tea

He never says a word, you know
Watching me watch the moon
Reflected on pond's mirror
Through screened window
As it makes its querulous trip
From east shore to west
Together we wait for daylight
In good company both

We are old friends, he and I
A good host, I offer cakes

In darkest part of night
Cool mist dulls moon's reflection
As hoarse crickets sleep
And I ponder his purpose
Knowing his foul business
I sit privileged by his visit
To sip special blends of misery here
He cannot find at home

Gathering cloak he stands to leave
A good host, I offer to go with him

He shakes his head, still grinning
And steps through door at dawn
With promise to visit soon again
When he needs a good night out


Jerry Pat Bolton said...

Very interesting poem. I have read it three time and I still can't find the pulse of it. That is not to say that I don't like it, actually, I love it. It is unorthodox, and I like that. The two telling verses, to me, are near the end and they are, "To sip special blends of misery here / He cannot find at home." That was a wake up to me.Yes, indeed, I very much enjoyed this effort.

Mike said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jerry. It is one of those pieces you either get or just don't. I suppose. I expect it will mean something a little different to anyone who reads it. Or mean nothing at all. lol