Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kentucky Hills

As Spring gets ready to greet us and Winter draws to a close, I am reminded of the harsh Summer of 2007 and the lingering effects of the worst Kentucky drought since the 1930's. Predictions for normal weather and rainfall for 2008 remain hopeful.

The hills of Kentucky are blazing
under an unforgiving glare
as drought settles in
and takes a hold of this land
while crops wither
and pastures choke

Parched lips frown
as the sun smolders down
Tired backs slump
already spent,
and slowly turn away

Stale air lingers
as hope dwindles
and turns into despair
leaving hearts to sink
and heads to bow
in common prayer

The Hills of Kentucky are Blazing
while both man and beast
slowly starve



Mike said...

She lives!!! lol

I sure hope we get a reprieve this year. I don't know if we make it through another year like this last one and still farm. It hit hard.

deborah wilson said...

Sounds much like Georgia. In my area trees are devastated. Bark is falling off; the foliage was brown and dead long before last fall. Now we see the results - Rain and wind are blowing them over like straws. When you look at the rootballs, the roots are shrunken, due to lack of water.

I too hope that this year is better for everyone, with normal rainfall.

You write well, Dreamer.

Kentucky Dreamer said...

Thank you Mike and Deborah.

Here is to a much better year!