Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We Were Bitten by Spiders!

Hello all.

Just to let you know what happened. For some reason or the other, the Google spiders seemed to think this was a spam site and locked us up for a bit. I requested a review and we have been set free again. Sorry for the inconvenience if anyone tried to post or comment. I think we are on the move again now.



Byron said...

Cool. I've heard about that happening to folks...Scary!

David Wayne Hampton: said...

Hey, Mike. I wonder where all the folks went to? I know it's busy for everyone coming back to work from Christmas break and such, as it's been that way for me. I was wanting to wait and allow someone else to lay down a blog before I submitted anything else. I wish y'all (everyone out there) a happy new year, and hope to read some new work soon.

Mike said...

Post away, David, any time you take a notion.