Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Me and My Dreams

Me and My Dreams~ A short story

I walked to the pond today and I laid my dreams on the ground because I was wonderin’ how they might appear from the outside lookin’ in instead of from the inside lookin’ out. I gave ‘em a little pinch because I had to know if they were real and if they were reasonable, if they were within my reach.

I stretched out next to them and I pondered the idea of dreams. I thought about the laundry and the dishes and I decided they could wait, ‘cause I’ve washed enough dishes in my lifetime and I've dreamed too few dreams. I thought about where I’d been and which direction I was headed and while I was at it, I thought about faith and considered havin’ some courage and how it seems we never go anywhere if we stay where we’ve already been.

I stood up and dusted off and I slung my dreams ‘cross my back. I bid the pond goodbye for a while and said see ya later to my worries cause my dreams and me, we got big plans.

We’ll be seeing ya on the upside.

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Mike said...

Nice little thought provoker.