Thursday, August 16, 2007

Storm Passing

The tree cracked, loud
but unfinished.
No crash shook the earth,
no branches laid waste to buildings,

just the crack of wood
stressed and twisted
in the fury of the storm.
We are left to wonder
which tree was it?
where in the woods?
when will it fall?
what will be in its path?
and who will here
to witness its death?

For now, the storm rages on as
we drink our wine and toast the rain
falling on parched dead grass
while in the darkening woods behind the house
the broken tree hangs in suspense.


Emily B said...

I watched the trees along the roadside driving home last night with the children. The way the wind blew, I was certain there were going to be limbs falling. The temperature dropped thirty degrees and the wind blew in gusts that would about carry off a small child. At least, it brought some welcome rain.

Granny Sue said...

Yes, we needed the rain too. It's been so dry my green car looked like camouflage the dust on it was so thick.

Of course, today it's splattered with mud. Can't win with a dirt road.

I'm glad you made it home safely. That wind was doing damage to trees here.

Uncle Cooter said...

Dang it!!! How come it's always YOU fellers that get the rain? It huffed and puffed and around here pretty hard but I got ner'ie a drop. We chopped silage today all day and there was plenty of water hitting the ground then. Only it wasn't the good kind. It's fixin' to be hitting it again too when I get in that tobacco patch in a few minutes to top some more of it. Oh well, my mother always said there was no rest for the wicked. Sure wish I'd of paid better attention to that. lol