Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Little bits of cloth,
tattered treasures

Daddy's good shirt,
Granny's flour sack apron

Brother's blue jeans,
Sissy's Sunday best

My calico dress,
Mommy's yellow housecoat

I pull these memories around me

Faded and fragile,
frayed around the edge,
worn through here and there

Comfort on cool autumn eve


Granny Sue said...

This is a good piece, Deb. I like the lines "faded and fragile, frayed around the edge"--I can see that quilt as I read, and feel it's softness around me.

Thank you for posting it.

Mike said...

This is one of those pieces that just kinda brings a smile up as you remember.

I know we prolly had a good dozen patchwork quilts around the house when I was growing up. It never struck me until I was grown and gone, that that was as close to some of my relatives as I would ever be. Pieces of clothing making up those quilts from my people, my blood; long dead before I was born.

Almost has a sacred air about it. An untold closeness to who you are and where you are from.