Sunday, August 26, 2007

Penny Pincher

There was a dime on the floor
of the corner coffeehouse.
I stared down at it
as the cappuccino machine whirred
behind the counter.

I bent and picked up the dime.
People were watching;
I could feel their eyes on my back.
I didn’t look around as I dropped the dime
into the tips jar.

There was a penny on the floor too,
under the edge of the counter.
Heads up, that means good luck.
I left it, passing the luck on
to a stranger who might need it.
Or was it the watching eyes that stopped my hand
from groping for a penny?

The next day another dime rested
on the coffeehouse floor.
I stooped to get it and saw
the penny, still lying
under the edge of the counter.
I picked up the dime,
put it in my pocket,
then reached for the penny
and put that in my pocket too.
The good luck was meant for me, I think.

I decided to post this poem here; on my blog is another penny story. I'm not obsessed about them or anything...I just like good luck.


Mike said...

Yup, I would it was. You made a 200% profit off of that penny. Had you picked it up the first day, you might not have found the other dime. You might try layin' it back down there time to time...never know when you might need a dime. ;)

Deb Starr said...

I enjoyed this. I've felt those eyes on my back once or twice...I most generally turn around and meet'em with a grin. Those eyes drop real quick, ha. Thanks for sharin'

David Wayne Hampton: said...

Pennies make dollars, is what I tell people when they ask why I pick them up. I've always been miserly with my change that way, I guess. Great story, and I loved the narrative voice, especially the last line. There is much to be said about the symbolism and significance of pennies.

Fabian G. Franklin said...

I think the good luck was meant for you too. That dime you put in the tip jar was just finding its way back to you because God always has enough blessings to go around.