Thursday, July 12, 2007

Welcome One and All!

Thanks for stopping by the Appalachian Writers Web Journal!

We hope you become a regular guest here at our home. The Appalachian Writers Web Journal is operated by Kentucky Livestock Exchange as a free service for your reading enjoyment. We have assembled a team of very skilled writers from across the Appalachian region to provide content. We hope you find something here you like and visit us often. If you have specific interests that you do not see covered here, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The purpose of this journal is to give exposure to some of Appalachia’s finest new writers. People who write for or about that region of the Eastern United States we know as Appalachia. Of particular interest are pieces relating to the land and its people, although content will not be limited to just rural writings. The only requirement to post here is that the writer must live in Appalachia, be from or have strong ‘blood ties’ to it.

The Appalachian Mountains run from northern Georgia through the Carolinas, the Virginias, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. The people settling Appalachia were predominately of English, Scotch-Irish and German descent. The harsh topography with its lack of passable roads isolated some areas for generations. According to Berea College President William Frost, “The result was a culture that harkened back decades for traditions and customs and led its people to be called our contemporary ancestors.”

You will find fiction, nonfiction, poetry and prose here on the Appalachian Writers Web Journal. Not to forget articles, essays, humor and novel excerpts. It is our intention to provide a venue for little-known writers to ply their craft for the reading enjoyment of their fellow Appalachians and the world at large. We hope you find their efforts to your liking and return often. You can find additional information in the pages at the top of the site. Suggestions and comments are always welcomed here at the Appalachian Writers Web Journal.

We encourage writer’s young and old, novice and seasoned to submit work to us for possible publication. Those who exhibit exceptional skills will be offered the opportunity to participate as full staff writers for our site.

Kick back and relax with us a spell. Get yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of tea and let us tell you our tales. Or, if you prefer, you can tell us one of yours; the choice is up to you.

Again, thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you again real soon.

Appalachian Writers


Anonymous said...

This page looks fab........good luck with it and well done......pity I'm London based!Bubo x

Rosie said...

Great idea, Mike!

Thanks ever so for the linkage!

If you see something you like on the Breakdown that I haven't already promised to someone, let me know.


Mike said...

Thanks Rosie, I will prolly be taking you up on that! If you would like a little more exposure for your writing, let me know and I will send you invitation and you can post here if and when you like. Your work is a class act.