Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Glad to have you on board!

Appalachian Writers would like to welcome the newest member to our team. Roseanne Griffeth has joined our staff of contributors here and we are glad to have her. If you have not visited her blog, you should. You don't know what you have been missing out on. Her blog can be found at:

Smokey Mountain Breakdown

In her own words, Rosie gives us a glimpse of herself:

"I'm a modern day recluse living on the verge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I'm a writer, dairy goat farmer and have a Cocker Spaniel rescue. I write in the genre of Southern fiction and non-fiction, primarily about the Appalachian people. I'm a southern girl, born in Savannah, GA and gently raised in the lowcountry of South Carolina. I'm a gun-toting progressive liberal Democrat."

We hope you enjoy her contributions here at Appalachian Writers and visit her blog as well.


Rosie said...

Thanks so much for the intro, Mike, and thanks for visiting and reading some of my older stuff. I'm actually going to be taking the 2003 archive down soon, so you got there just in time!

Rick was a very sweet man and is still much missed. His brain wasn't entirely there, but his heart certainly was.

Those durn brown leghorns! VLB was so mean, but it was really hard to do away with him because he was so pretty and had such attitude. My farmer friend who built my house was over here doing some work one day and was bending over to go under the house. VLB saw that backside from 100 feet away and came charging down the hill to commit some serious flogging. If I hadn't been standing there with a big stick...well..it could have been ugly. I hate not having chickens in the yard anymore, but the coons and foxes have about done me in with poultry. The foxes started coming in broad daylight to take the ducks and whatever else they could snatch.

Mike said...

Yeah, about the same thing here. I had one old rooster left last winter and something finally caught him. I dunno if I will get anymore or not. I miss the chatter, but they sure are an aweful lot of trouble for the value ing them. lol

Living Single After Forty said...

My neighbor just bought a whole yard full of chickens and one rooster. I sure do enjoy them, nearly as much as he does. ~fly

Living Single After Forty said...

And it's very nice to meet you, Rosie.... I love your name, btw. I have three generations of "Rosies" in my family. Welcome.